Rhino Man 5K Fun Run


The Rhino Man 5K Fun Run will raise awareness and financial support for the brave rangers who protect wildlife and ensure a sustainable future for their surrounding communities. Without these heroes, we would have NO wildlife left to save and no tourism to support African communities. Proceeds raised will provide accommodation, classroom education and field training of rangers at the Southern African Wildlife College. 

Denise Peterson will be at the event to take photos of participants having a great time, all while contributing to an amazing cause.  Photos from the event will be posted on this site for purchase.  All proceeds from photo sales will be donated to Global Conservation Corps to be used to provide food for the rangers working in Africa, as well as their families. 

Photos in slide show courtesy of Matt Lindenberg, founder of Global Conservation Corps. (Global Conservation Corps.)


What a fantastic event!  It was amazing to see so many passionate people show up to support a great cause!  I'm excited to report that we've got a lot of fun photos to share.  I will have them posted by the end of the day on Wednesday, May 3rd.  All profits from photo sales will go to help support the rangers and their families that are working hard to protect Africa's wildlife!

Thank you all for showing up!