“There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.”
― Aldo Leopold

As a photographer, I adore the beauty and simplicity of the nature. Through my work I hope to display the interdependence of the human world and the natural world. Amid the chaos and busyness of our daily lives, we often become flustered and overwhelmed with anxiety. Many people find relief from these stresses by escaping into the wilderness for an hour, a weekend, or even much longer. We seek that connection with something bigger than us. That something is different for every person. I hope to capture the essence of that wild beauty that we often seek and wish to re-establish a deeper connection with.

I welcome feedback and would love to hear from anyone who visits this site. What inspires you? Where do you go to relax? Where would you like to travel to one day? What would you like to see photos of? Let me know what you'd like to see here as well. I would be happy to help you get that image that resonates deep within you.

Thanks for stopping by!